What is special about the Frankland Islands?

The Frankland Islands are a cluster of pristine National Park atolls on the Great Barrier Reef, 45km south-east of Cairns. With limited access, minimal facilities and no resorts, the Frankland Islands offer you an unparalleled nature experience in an unspoilt paradise that is second to none.

There is a single permit for a company to take guests to visit these islands, meaning Frankland Islands Reef Cruises has exclusive access. Let us whisk you away to your own tropical paradise. You will be among the select few to truly experience the exceptional views of wildlife, healthy coral reef and marine life of this idyllic spot.

Surrounded by rich and diverse coral reefs, these islands are virtually untouched, offering an amazing variety of experiences and snorkelling opportunities for everyone.

What can you experience?

Located 10km from the mouth of the Russell River & Mulgrave River system, the five islands are surrounded by fringing reefs, providing a perfect family snorkelling destination. Featuring crystal clear waters, rocky outcrops, coastal mangroves, spectacular rainforest and lush vegetation, they are a haven for wildlife, both above and below the water.

Free from the rampant commercialism and overcrowding of other Cairns island tours, the Frankland Islands are an important habitat and nesting site for a number of significant bird species (for example, breeding pairs of sea eagles, as well as ospreys, crested terns and the beach stone-curlew). It’s also not unusual to see green turtles in the water when you are snorkelling.

Part coral cay, coral atoll and unspoiled rainforest, this uninhabited tropical paradise is a unique destination for private boat owners and tourists who want to experience the very best that nature has to offer on the Barrier Reef.

Why not walk along the white sparkling beaches looking for treasures washed up onto the sands, explore the shallow waters for sea stars or water cucumbers or soak up the sunshine as you stroll ankle deep in the warm clear waters of a tropical island. If you join the tour you can take advantage of many water sports on offer, including family snorkelling, paddle boarding and scuba diving.

The Frankland Islands give you the opportunity to simply envelop yourself in the peace and beauty of these unspoiled coral locations, away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle of life!

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