Semi-Submarine Tour

Guided Semi-Submarine Tour

Experience the depths from our Semi-Submarine

Dive into the underwater world without getting your hair wet! Our semi-submarine tour is the ultimate way to explore the vibrant marine life, coral reefs, and breathtaking seascapes surrounding Normanby Island, all while staying comfortably dry.

With large viewing windows beneath the water’s surface, our semi-submarine offers an immersive, up-close encounter with the ocean’s wonders. No need for snorkelling gear or diving expertise; simply sit back and enjoy the mesmerizing underwater show as you listen to an informative commentary about life on the Great Barrier Reef. 

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Our crew will expertly guide the semi-submarine to some of our favourite locations where you will be able to spot a variety of corals, fish, giant clams and other critters just centimetres from the hull of the sub!

Our semi-submarine tour is available to all guests and a perfect alternative for those who prefer a dry adventure or have physical limitations.

The semi-submarine tour takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the tour and provides a unique and accessible way to soak in the beauty of the deep blue sea without getting soaked yourself!


Enjoy the semi-submarine experience as part of our
All-Inclusive day tour

Adult (17+)

Child (16 and under)

Family Pass (2AD and 2CH)
second child travels free!

Prices quoted are in $AUD and include all taxes and any applicable levies. Valid until 31 March 2025 or until superseded.

What will you see?

Every semi-submarine trip is different, but here are some of the creatures and critters you may spot on your trip

Clownfish (Nemo) on the Great Barrier Reef - Frankland Island
Nemo (Anemonefish)

Instantly recognizable due to its bright orange colouring and distinctive white stripes, the clownfish – which is also known as the anemonefish – gained worldwide fame thanks to the 2003 film Finding Nemo. Many clownfish call Frankland Islands home, so you’ll be able to Find Nemo easily!

Coral Reef Great Barrier Reef1
Hard and Soft Corals

There are all sorts of different corals that can be seen from the semi-sub including slow-growing boulder corals, fast-growing branching and plate corals, deep corals with big tentacles to catch food, brain corals, honeycomb corals, lettuce corals (pictured), and many more.

Giant Clam
Giant Clams

Many of the giant clams around Normanby Island are over 80 years old! They filter the water for food and keep algae in their skin (like coral) to get energy from the sun. They even have eyes, and will close up their shell quickly to scare off any approaching predators!

1920x1080 Frankland Islands Parrotfish

In between the coral heads, you will often see a range of fish feeding at the bottom including parrotfish (pictured), butterflyfish and cleaner wrasses. Some graze on the algae, like herds of wildebeest, others searching for snails and crustaceans under the rubble and sand to nibble on.

1920x1080 Frankland Islands Jewel Blue Starfish
Echinoderms (Starfish)

There are many members of the Echinodermata family that live around Normanby Island that you can see on your Semi-Sub tour, including starfish, brittle stars, sea urchins, sand dollars, and sea cucumbers. Interestingly, most echinoderms are able to regenerate tissue, organs, and limbs.

Sea Turtles

During your semi-sub tour, you’re very likely to see our company mascot – the sea turtle! We are lucky to have two species of endangered sea turtles found around Frankland Islands: the Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas), and the Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata).

Cameron, Sept 2023 (Google Reviews)

Could not have been happier with our day. Great guides, easy down river trip and across to the island with stunning views. The island itself was beautiful and incredibly isolated, it was a small personal tour that was highly enjoyable. You should definitely do the guided snorkel tour if you do the day trip

Briony, August 2023 (Google Reviews)

Perfection! Having the option of semi sub tour, sup, snorkelling on your own, snorkel safari in group, island tour, beautiful lunch and an ideallic island setting is superb for a family wanting to explore Great Barrier reef and not be stuck on a boat the whole day. Swimming above coral, colourful marine life, fish and swam with turtles! Would love to go again! Thank you crew we have wonderful memories.

Farima, July 2023 (Google Reviews)

It was am amazing experience! I got picked up by a coach in the morning, the coach was well ventilated, drove for about an hour in that until we hour to the ferry. The boat trip was about an hour long too where I saw beautiful sights of nature! They provided free drinks and snacks both ways in the ferry and lunch was also included in the island! They can provide something for every dietary requirement, including vegan.

Andree, August 2023 (Google Reviews)

What a hidden gem this tour was. Beautiful island, river cruise and great reef. Nice small group. Had the island to ourselves. Knowledgeable, friendly crew. Fabulous value. Will definitely be recommending this trip.

Eleanor, August 2023 (Google Reviews)

Highlight of the holiday!! Can’t recommend enough: we were picked up outside our hotel in the morning, drove to the boat where we had a great trip down the Mulgrave river before another 30 min on the sea and we arrived at the island. Variety of activities available from free snorkelling in a watched boundary and a snorkel tour a bit further out, to a semi-submersible and rainforest island tour where you can see in rock pools. The semi-sub was a little murky so if you enjoyed the snorkelling tour, I’d carry on on your own, as it’s what you saw before, but less clear, but if you’re not comfortable snorkeling, then it’s a great alternative to see the corals.

Kate, August 2023 (Google Reviews)

Excellent day tour to a great little island. Crew were wonderful and provided an overall fabulous experience. Suitable for most all ages/abilities and can do as much or as little as you like. Highly recommend.

Natalie, June 2023 (Google Reviews)
We had a fantastic day out. Both snorkeling off the beach or through snorkeling safari are amazing. Lots of fish and good to see many healthy vibrant corals. The whole crew has been very helpful. It is a perfect trip for the whole family even for little kids.
Cindy, Oct 2023 (Tripadvisor)

Very well organized. Staff was amazing!! Something for everyone. You had your choice of snorkeling, glass bottom boat, kayaks, sup, guided nature walk ( totally amazing and interesting!) and there was even a treasure hunt for young kids. Food and snacks were great as well! Highly recommend!

Lorna, Aug 2023 (Google Reviews)

Had a great day out on Frankland Island Reef Cruises. You can do as much or as little as you want on the island so perfect if you want to snorkel and spend lots of time in the water or just sit on the beach in the sun listening to the birds. The boat trip over is pretty short so good if boat travel isn’t your thing. Semi-sub trip is great if you are not a confident swimmer or fan of snorkeling. The information is interesting and while not crystal clear its a good reminder the reef can survive & flourish but we can do lots to help in our everyday life. Loads of food for lunch and afternoon cheese & biscuits was a great way to finish off the day. Highly recommend this trip

Karen, Sept 2023 (Tripadvisor)

We can throughly recommend this small, relaxed all-inclusive reef tour.
The crew were amazing, the snorkel safari the best we’ve ever been on in clear, calm waters seeing beautiful corals, fish and turtles close up. Semi sub tour of the island, guided walk, use of paddle boards and kayaks and amazing food all included. A really great day out.
Thanks to all the crew. You worked so hard all day and were fun, helpful, friendly and very informative.
Thank you

Alison, Aug 2023 (Tripadvisor)

What an amazing day out in frankland Island.
Would highly recommended this trip – one of the best snorkelling I’ve done and its guided. if your not the best swimmer you can just walk straight into the crystal clear water and still see lots of amazing stuff.
The submarine was brilliant, got to see loads.
The island walk was very educational and saw some very unique things.
Great staff, great food. Overall amazing day out would highly recommend 🙂

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